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We have again invited Professor Yeap Ban Har to Wales to run three workshops on teaching Mathematics.

Straight to the Top with Singapore Maths

5th & 6th March, and 7th & 8th March

Differentiation as Enrichment

9th March 2018 

Professor Yeap Ban Har is an exceptional Maths expert whose approach exemplifies and crystallises the Pedagogical Principles of the New Curriculum through the lens of Mathematics. Not only does he do all of this in a way that empowers teachers to deepen their understanding of mathematical pedagogy, but also to apply what they have learned immediately. No rote learning, no procedural rehearsal, no acceleration of content, just excellent teaching based on the work of Jerome Bruner, Lev Vygotsky, Zoltan Dienes and Howard Gardner. It follows the C.P.A. approach used throughout Singapore Maths.